Estonian Fishing Association

Estonian Fishing Association is a producer organisation that was founded in 2005. It consists of five trawling companies operating in Estonian waters – Ltd. Hiiu Kalur, LLC. Kaabeltau, LLC. Keskpunkt, LLC. Monistico and Saare Kalapüügi LLC. – and Pärnu Rannakalurid, an organisation uniting coastal fishermen in Pärnu.

The building of a new refrigerating plant was completed in spring 2011 in the village of Lemmetsa in Audru municipality in Pärnu County. The plant provides storage for up to 3200 tons of frozen fish and can freeze up to 200 tons of fish in 24-hour period. Logistically, the location of the plant is extremely favourable.

The members of the cooperative hold 48% of the historical sprat-fishing rights issued in Estonia and 43% of the Baltic herring-fishing rights. Additionally, coastal fishermen in Pärnu fish 6000-8000 tons of Baltic herring each year. The trawling companies own altogether 12 trawlers, while the coastal fishermen in Pärnu own more than 160 boats. The members also have three trawlers based in Finland fishing the Finnish quota. All this ensures that the plant has a constant supply of the fish needed. The main target markets for the sprats and Baltic herring are Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Belarus.