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EstoFish products

1. Frozen sprat sorted 8-12cm (85-100 pcs/kg)                   K-10
2. Frozen Baltic-herring sorted 9-12cm (65-90 pcs/kg)        R-12
3. Frozen Baltic-herring sorted 12-15cm (45-65 pcs/kg)      R-10
4. Frozen
Baltic-herring graded 15 + cm (40-60 pcs/kg)      R-15 +
5. Undersized sorted sprat up to 8 cm                                  KT
6. Animal feed (ungraded, of varying sizes and degrees of softness herring and sprat)
7. Headed and cutted herring 12-15cm
8. Headed and cutted sprats 8-12cm

The entire product range is available to buy in the box and without the box just on the pallet.
On the pallet there are 90 pieces of 11 kg or 45 boxes of 22 kg (2 x 11 blocks). Standard weight of the pallet is 990 kg.

In transport with sea containers we are loading 60 boxes on the pallet and the weight of one pallet is 1320 kg.